Lucario VRC Model

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Introducing Mommy Lucario for VRC!

Please note: This model is NOT quest compatible!


This is a NSFW Model Only! There's no SFW Variant.

Please note! The model should be considered finished and at its final state.

Fully Rigged and VRCSDK 3.0 Set up Lucario Model
Breast & Butt Sliders for extra thiccums
Toggle-able Outfit
Standard & Toon shader toggle
Belly Slider
Spikes Toggle

Unity Prerequisites:

VRCSDK 3.0 Avatars
Dynamic Bones
Poiyomi Toon (Optional but the toon shader toggle may not work)

Ralidev Dynamic Penetration System (Only for Nere Edit)

VRC Specifics:

Be Sure to Pre-Import VRCSDK, Dynamic Bones, Poiyomi Toon & Villar Eye Shader
This model is NOT quest compatible!
Model performance rating is Poor (Dynamic Bones)
Total Polygons: 68,060


Please keep in mind, this model is FREE and does not require any payment! Any additional money spent is a donation!
By ordering you certify that you are 18 years or older.
You may not Resell this model or its parts.
Please credit @ShiapraAD for the models creation and @racoeart for the original art & character design.
You, The buyer / User are solely responsible for the use and configuration of this avatar, Please adhere to all platform guidelines and rules when using this avatar!
Please keep in mind, VRChat does not allow NSFW avatars in public instances!

105 ratings


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Lucario VRC Model

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